Evaluation Festival

The Evaluation Festival is held annually in the spring. The Evaluation Festival is an event for members’ students to receive an evaluation on their performance abilities from keyboard professionals other than their teachers. Students are required to perform a scale and two memorized pieces of more traditional repertoire (no “pop” music) for a panel of three judges. The judges provide a written evaluation of their performance, and an appropriate ribbon to the rating is awarded to the student. Students are also rewarded for points accumulated over multiple years of participation. This is an event for students who have studied with their current member teacher for a minimum of 6 months at the time of the Festival.

Our 2018 Evaluation Festival is March 10 at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Madeira, Ohio.
Click below for directions.

Other quick information for participants:
dress nicely
bring original music for the judges with measures numbered
follow signs to check in at the registration desk 15 minutes before your scheduled time
a warm up room is available on a limited basis for students who arrive in a timely fashion
return to the desk after your performance to receive your ribbon

We can’t wait to see you!